before and after weight loss

My First Cycle - 28 days

Before and after weight loss

Finding this program was a miracle! As you can see from my before and after weight loss progress pictures taken, each week shows an extreme difference which I never would have thought possible for me with a PCOS diagnosis. As you look through each slide, notice just how much my body has changed only 7 days apart from each other. Posting my before pictures has taken me a lot of courage. I was ashamed of how I looked, but it's because of the extreme progress that I have chosen to look past the embarrassment and embrace the change to spread the word so that hopefully I can help someone else see these results too!

My Second Cycle - 28 days

Round Two: Before and after weight loss

In my second cycle I was reaching a point where the weight loss was becoming harder due to the fact that I am within a "healthy weight range." As you can see, I did lose some lbs and more body fat off of the scale, and the pics do still show progress, but it isn't of course as drastic as my first cycle. My clothes continue to get more loose so I know I am still getting progress. The part that I love most about this program is that it is something that I can stick to and because I am constantly getting closer to my goal, it's not something I will easily give up on. It is teaching me how to live a healthy lifestyle whereas most other programs I tried were just temporary band-aids.

Success Stories of my Team Members on the Program

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