My Mission

As a PCOS figher, I have come to realize that our health is our number one asset we own and yet so many of us take advantage of it and let it go to waist, hmm, excuse the pun, I meant waste of course. Hello! I am Rachel Cox. For too long, I let my own health and waistline go. Instead of doing what my body needed which was feed it at a cellular level, I overloaded it with more junk and toxins. I was always watching out for the next cheap "easy" weight loss treatment or "fad". This only left me feeling even more disgusting with more pounds added to my scale.

My mission to you is to only provide you with information and knowledge about products that work to heal you and not harm you. My goal is to help people see less of the inside of a doctor's office and more of the outside world! Although my main focus is to help those who suffer from health conditions such as PCOS that cause weight gain and other health issues, I'm here to spread the word about good health to everyone else too. So we can take on anything that life decides to throw at us! Because we are Strong, Healthy, Vibrant, and Beautiful individuals! We deserve nothing but the BEST!


My Story

PCOS Fighter About Rachel CoxIndroduction from Rachel Cox

I have struggled with self-image and my weight for several years. When I was a teenager I was very self-conscious and struggled a little with being anorexic. I hated the way I looked and I felt that at least I could have a perfect body. At a young age I was introduced to drugs and I realized the more I used, the less I ate and the less I weighed. My weight issues became more about the way I looked than about my health.

During my high school and college years I yoyo'd with my weight as I dealt with the natural stressors of school, relationships, and well, life. I ranged anywhere from 125 lbs to 160 lbs. To some, this may not seem extreme, but for all 5'3 of me, I usually carry that weight around my midsection, the most dangerous place for fat to hang out.


My health issues

In February 2017

I went in for what I thought was a normal yearly woman's exam. To my surprise my pelvis was extremely tender when the doctor felt my ovaries. The doctor ordered me to have an ultrasound and I was seen a couple of weeks later to have it completed. The results showed a very large complex cyst. My doctor's first concern was malignancy, so a blood test was done to rule it out. Thankfully, my blood test came back clean, but this wasn't a guarantee of course.

On May 12th, 2017

I went in to surgery to have my 10 cm complex cyst removed. Unfortunately, this dermoid cyst had grown into two and had completely taken over my left ovary. After I woke up from my surgery, I was informed of what I had feared, I was left with only one ovary. I fell into depression, but grasped onto hope that at least one ovary remained to give me that chance to fulfill my dream to start a family one day.

In July 2017

I noticed changes occurring to my body. Because I had just had surgery, I didn't pay too close attention because I just assumed it was natural for my hormones to change after losing an ovary. Finally I decided it was worth going to see a doctor for though. My doctor ordered blood tests and it was discovered that I was running very close to the pre-diabetic range. In addition, I was producing higher than normal androgen's. Among other related symptoms this led to a PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) diagnosis.

To me, this was helpful because it helped me understand why I have struggled for so long with my weight. One particular symptom of PCOS is it can cause weight gain and weight loss resistance. For some it can also cause insulin resistance. For the past two years I have worked hard to lose weight and no matter how hard I fought for it, the weight has clenched onto me for it's dear life! My doctor informed me that by staying at a healthy weight and learning how to eat a healthier diet, my symptoms could be easily managed. As unfortunately, there is no cure for PCOS.

In August 2017

I had to have a colonoscopy done as well. I know, gross! And at my age? A year prior my Optometrists referred me to a Gastroenterologist due to several dark spots found in my retina called CHRPE (congential hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium). This led her to be concerned about the possibility of Gardner’s Syndrome (a genetic condition also called Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, or FAP). Patients with this syndrome can have colon cancer and skin tumors in addition to the retinal findings. Since my father has been seeking treatment for a few years for consistent polyps, she wanted to make sure I wasn't having any of my own issues.

Thankfully, my colonoscopy was clean. However, because I have a history of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) since my early twenties, I also had an upper endoscopy done. This led to the finding of a Hiatal Hernia, a condition in which part of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm muscle. This made me realize why my GERD seemed more symptomatic when I was overweight while it became less problematic as my weight went down. In my opinion, the more fat I have in my abdomen, the more problems I am going to face. Just one more reason for me to see my weight as an issue that needs to be handled!

PCOS Fighter - How I took control over my health issues

Some time in August 2017, I met a woman who was offering a 28 day weight loss challenge. The word 'challenge' struck out at me, because that is exactly what weight loss has been for me. She was offering support and I thought, why should I do this all alone? I've had little success doing that, so shouldn't I try something new? I was asked to join her on a call so she could explain to me how the challenge would work and what support would be offered. Little did I know, that call would change everything!

Next Steps...

Want to learn more? Are you struggling with weight loss too? Ready to make a positive change in your health, mentality, and just overall? Do you want to join the call that changed my life?