Health and Weight Loss Tips

Reaching your weight loss goals can be confusing and frustrating. Receive weight loss tips through nutrition & fitness steps in a supportive community when you join my team.

nutrition weight loss tips


Getting your dream body is impossible without the right fuel that your body needs. Your nutrition is the most important tool to get your body healthy and get yourself to your goal weight. With my support you will be given the tools, tips, and support to make sure you're putting what you need into your body.

Fitness weight loss tips


Although exercise is important for your body to keep your heart, lungs, and muscles strong, it is not necessary to exercise with this plan. What I am talking about here is hard, sweaty, get your heart pumping faster type of exercise that isn't necessary. However, exercise is never discouraged! It is important to move though, you should at least be going on a 10-15 minute walk a day. Being sedentary for too long isn't healthy. If you choose to exercise, I can offer you suggestions, but I am not a fitness coach, so all I can offer is what me and my team use and what works for me and try to point you in the right direction.

support weight loss tips

Support Groups

Have you ever heard a drug addict or alcoholic say they need to call their sponsor if they're having a bad day and feel they may slip up? To some of us, food is an addiction, and it's causing some pretty unhealthy side effects. With this program, you will be given your own support sponsor. You will also have access to your sponsor's sponsor and a whole team community that is working on the exact same thing as you are. Because we know that getting healthy and losing weight is not exactly easy, you should never have to do it alone, and in this program you won't. In fact, it's mandatory that you check in at least once weekly to go over your progress and discuss any barriers you may be facing.

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